“Saitama Prefecture senior career promotion declaration company” authorization



On June 15, 2018, “Saitama Prefecture Senior Activities Promotion Declaration Company” was certified!

What is “Declaration to Promote Senior Activity”?

It is a system of Saitama prefecture that aims to create an environment where seniors can be active and to grow certified companies.
Saitama Prefecture certifies Saitama Prefecture as declaring by companies, etc. to proceed with abolishment of retirement system, raising retirement age, creating a workplace environment where seniors can work easily.
Companies that meet three or more of the seven certification criteria prescribed by Saitama prefecture are eligible for certification.


Efforts of KODENSHA against certification criteria of Saitama prefecture

1 Review senior retirement age and continuous employment system 【Initiated】

  • Even after retiring at the age of 60, we continue to hire until the age of 65. (Salary will go down)
  • Those who are 65 years old and later also recognize it is necessary and those who can work under the employment conditions desired by the company have extended their employment without any limit, and those who are over 70 are also working. (2018.8 as of 2 people)
  • At the moment, we have not applied for the prefecture’s ’70-year old employment promotion grant’.

2 Utilize senior technology and experience 【Initiated】

  • Since the second half of 2018, we introduce skill maps to visualize skills and knowledge possessed by seniors and are working on passing on skills to junior employees.

3 Strengthen senior abilities 【Task completed】

  • Even after retirement age, we evaluate senior citizens, and we reflect the results in bonuses etc.

4 Enrich welfare programs 【Initiated】

  • Even after the retirement age, we strive for senior motivation as a target for long-time service awards / long-time service leave calculated from the time of active service.

5 Dispatch information on efforts to promote senior success 【Initiated】

  • The article of this page applies.