Custom design, production, installation and support after operation

The purpose is to greatly improve the reliability and productivity of the customer’s manufacturing site.
We offer design, manufacture, operation confirmation and support of customized automation system from standalone (cell production equipment etc.) to full automation production line.

Custom Example


Custom designed and manufactured various processes and mechanisms required for assembly, such as insertion, crimping, screw tightening, press-fitting, lamination, cutting, bonding, etc. according to the product.


Design and manufacture of nail and gripping mechanism considering the size, weight, hardness, solid / liquid etc of the product to be produced.
We used various kinds of actuators such as 6 axis robot, 3 axis NC, cylinder etc
Design and manufacture of pick and place process.

Robot Integration

Designed and manufactured equipment that realizes flexible and efficient production by multi-step work such as transportation, assembly, parts supply, etc., with 6-axis robot consisting of one or more robots.

Supply and storage device

Supply process of component, storage process of finished product
Design production according to various parts supply shapes and applications
Part feeder, palletizer, taping, separation shape etc.

Measurement and inspection

Designed and manufactured various inspection equipment according to the application
Design and manufacture inspection unit from electronic circuit to software
Image, laser, eddy current displacement, weight, current, voltage, temperature, pressure, flow rate etc.


Designed and manufactured conveying according to product and application
Pitch feed conveyance, conveyor conveyance, index conveyance, robot conveyance, etc.

Image processing

We design and manufacture from supply system to lighting, lens selection, image processing according to customer’s specifications.

Production flow

  1. Review of new product launches, on-site troubles and so on.
    We will examine the method for solving in consideration to the actual on-site thoroughly.
  2. We consider and propose the idea of optimum equipment for customers considering quality assurance, takt time, maintainability, safety and cost performance.
  3. Technical team will perform concrete device configuration, hardware design, and software design.
  4. The design department, the assembly department, and the procurement department are involved as a crossing project, and we will manufacture the equipment.
  5. We will support you in total at the factory’s startup at the customer’s site and maintenance of the equipment.

Production example

  • Chemical container inspection / transport device
  • Medical device assembling device
  • Various inspection machines (scratches, burrs, shape, foreign matter, weight, electrical characteristics)
  • Motor assembly device
  • Printer parts assembling apparatus
  • Electronic device assembling apparatus
  • Automobile parts assembling / inspection equipment (sensor, board, relay, ABS etc.)
  • Welding, laser marking equipment
  • In addition, various assemblies, inspections, transportation, supply equipment

Production request, estimate

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