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By harmonizing robot technology and image technology in addition to FA automation technology based on many years of experience, we are able to realize a wide range of products including board mounting of irregular parts, image inspection of parts /
We realize diverse automation.


Supports many parts supply forms
It corresponds to most supplies such as pallets, taping, sticks, parts feeders.


Automatic replacement of robot hands, change of posture of workpiece, automatic width change etc of conveyor, etc., flexibly respond to changes in workpiece shape, size and board size.


In the board mounting and assembling apparatus for odd-shaped parts, the advantages of the compatibility and flexibility described above are taken advantage of and versatility is given to each robot frame, so even if it is necessary to change the production line due to specification change or the like, The addition of the number of units, change of accessories such as chuck, etc. can utilize the main body of the device as it is.