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西川社長Kodensha has reached 100 years since its establishment in 2017.

Since our foundation in 1917, our business domain has been changing with the times.
Starting with the motor manufacturing at the time of its founding, we are currently at the core of our business to enhance the competitiveness of our products and the competitiveness of manufacturing through the provision of various factory automation lines and equipment.
Even in this change, our mission is to consistently “support our customer’s production activities with our technology”. Through our business activities, we aim to continue to create an environment where each employee continues to grow constantly.

We would like to constantly pursue “contribution to society”. What can “contribute” to the customer for the customer? What can “contribute” to the family, to the family?
I believe that this is true dignity as human beings and pleasure.
Even if the power of each person is small, we will continue to raise the “sense of trust” as a regular employee who has both “skill” and “mind” that can contribute to customers by combining their strength .
To that end, I would like to continue to be such a company that enables employees to be connected with each other with a sense of reliability and to be able to keep up with each other at all times.

Towards the next 100 years, we constantly evolve and trust the manufacturing industry, practice corporate management that takes into consideration the global environment, and thoroughly contribute to society, corporate governance and compliance activities.
We hope to be a company that will continue to contribute to the success of our people.
Thank you for your constant patronage and your continued support.

Kodensha Co., Ltd.
President Masami Nishikawa