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Kodensha is located in the area of Kitamoto city of Saitama prefecture, which is a cherry blossom viewing place with “Ishido Kabazakura” estimated to be 800 years of age, a natural treasure of the country.
Actively protecting earth activities through this environmentally conscious product creation We will carry out activities.

    1. We will accurately capture the impact of business activities on the environment, manage resources, energy and waste to the extent technically and economically possible, and periodically review it.
    2. Observe environmental laws, regulations, ordinances, agreements and other agreements.
    3. We will make effective use of material resources etc. by implementing 5S activities and production innovation activities and try to reduce environmental burden by improving work efficiency.
    4. We provide products that fully consider environmental burden at all stages from product development, design, production to sales.
    5. We document environmental policies and make them known to all employees so that employees’ awareness about the environment and environmental policy are continually promoted.

March 23, 2018

Kodensha Co., Ltd.
President Masami Nishikawa