Interview with Almic K


We had an interview with Almyk K, who came to the training from August!

The contents are in-depth, from private information to future activities and enthusiasm.😍

He is from Osaka.

Entered Aichi at the age of 18 and got married at the age of 23 💒

He said he loves liquor, and he showed me a playful side during the interview.😊

  • Decided to change jobs in his 50sIn his previous job, Mr. K has been working as a manager for 11 years and has been instructing 6 locations nationwide.

    Thinking about the company in the future, I set up improvement and development departments and continued activities, but I was losing my passion for conflicts between departments and above.

    At that time, I met Mr. Almic by introducing Scola.
    I was moved by the words “I don’t mind if it takes a few years to come to our company.”

  • Why are you training at Kodensha?Since I had no experience in manufacturing, I came to learn about us via Scola and study.

    Are there any concerns during the first three days, and is there anything I can really learn? You may be worried about wanting to return to Almic once.

    At that time, when I consulted with President Nishikawa, he said, “I don’t need to go back. I want you to learn as it is. Are you refusing anything?”

    I was so nervous that I could see my true feelings that I hadn’t taken seriously somewhere.

    From this point on, it seems that he changed his attitude to work on 5S and improvement without hesitation.

  • What is the impression of Kodensha・ Individual responsiveness is very high, but teamwork can be further developed

    ・ Because I am seriously engaged, there are few conversations and it looks dark.

    ・ There are many women with high potential, so it is better to have a place where they can play more active roles.

    Although it is hard to write in the text, etc., he kindly pointed out with a feeling unique to Osaka!

    Our colleagues, both women and men, can still shine🤗

* During the training at Kodensha, he often felt the kindness of his wife.

In addition, regarding how to develop improvement activities at our company,

・ How to use the feeling

・ Development of improvement proposals and how to disseminate them (score etc.)

He said the habit-making method was very good.

  • Finally … About activities at AlmicFirst, start by seeing and knowing people. If you don’t know the other person, you can’t praise or scold.

    Also, because the factory is divided into four, there will be an open period. The key is how to develop it.

    And above all, I would like to respond to the president who is expecting me.

In addition to this, it was sometimes hot and sometimes funny and I could talk about things outside the interview content 😚

Thank you very much for Mr. K❗

K (left) and interviewer M (right) who responded to the interview.

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