Automated machine manufacturer
with a 100-year history

We are a manufacturer of factory automation equipment and labor saving laboratories.
We also accept research, development, and trial production of assembly jigs upon request.
We deliver high quality and quick delivery through in-house integrated production from design (machine / electricity), processing (cutting, sheet metal), painting, assembly (control panel, machine body), adjustment, and startup.

Company profile


We operate in Kitamoto City, Saitama Prefecture.
Our strength is a reliable management base and system that receives a courtesy call from the Ageo Tax Office.

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Production example装置製作(3PR)

We accept consultation and production of automated machines in various fields such as finished product inspection, robot control, assembly, transportation (handling), insertion of irregular parts, medical field.

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Group / Facilities


Integrated design, processing, painting, assembly adjustment (control panel, device body), and inspection, we realize precision assembly with many skill passers.

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Production Innovation


We are thoroughly working on quality improvement and waste reduction through production innovation and thorough 5S.

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Production Request製作依頼(3PR)

We are happy to discuss the introduction of automated machines / equipment / devices / control panels for automation, labor saving and unmanned operations in factories and laboratories.

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Received an award from the Ageo Taxation Office❗