About new coronavirus measures

We will take the following actions by notification on April 1.
The deadline is 30 June. (Revised on June 1)

  1.  Take a temperature every morning before going to work and take a break from work if the temperature is over 37.5 degrees.
    If you check with your family doctor and suspect an infection, or if you are not diagnosed, take a rest for 7 days, including holidays, after the fever has subsided.
    If you go to work with normal heat, enter the body temperature when you come to work and manage it.

    (Addition) When the family has a fever
    If you suspect an infection, or if you are not diagnosed, consult a doctor and take a rest for 7 days, including holidays, after your family’s fever has subsided.

  2. Hand wash and gargle frequently
  3.  Thoroughly ventilate the workplace (ventilation for about 30 minutes per hour).
    Broadcast in-house to encourage the start of ventilation
  4.  In principle, have a two-part lunch time.
    From 11:50 to 12:30 Engineering Department, Machinery G, Sheet metal G, Painting G
    12:10 to 12:50 General Affairs Department, Sales Department, Manufacturing Department, Production Management G
    Eat as much as possible, with less conversation, and facing in the same direction.
  5.  Shortening and canceling meeting time
    Open each seat and take a seat.
    Attendees wear masks. (If you can’t get a mask, make a cloth mask)
    Open the venue window. (Ventilation for 10 minutes or more once every 30 minutes even in cold weather)
  6.  Customer visit
    Please propose an online meeting and ask for a meeting.
    Call or email as much as possible.
  7.  Notes when visiting customers
    Get customers permission to visit.
    In principle, the means of transportation will be company cars. In principle, public transportation is not allowed.
  8.  Prohibition of using air towels in the toilet
  9.  Install a disinfectant solution at the entrance of the meeting room.
  10.  Accelerate preparation for the introduction of telework.
  11.  Take measures to reduce contact, such as having employees who commute by train rent a company-owned car for commuting, or doing telework.