Welcome barbecue 2019


As always, a barbecue was held to welcome those who joined this year 🍖

After greetings by Chairman Suzuki and S Director🎙, it will start immediately

President Nishikawa and Armic were dining together.
I also posted an interview with Armic K in the article the other day, so please also check it.

Among the gorgeous women, carnivorous boy O
Women who are struggling without a fire🔥
Newcomer I and cooperating companies

Greetings from new employee Mr.I on behalf of the employees joining this year

With the greetings of President Almic S and Mr. K, the stage entered a prize🎁 lottery.

The prizes are in the order of winning, but because the announcement of winnings progresses more and more, if you carefully select it, it may be brought to the person who came later …

Finally, Received a closing greeting from Director I.

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