New employee welcome party☀2018☀


On Friday, April 27, we hosted a barbecue conference as a welcome party for new recruits🍖

A welcome party started with Mr. T’s light moderator of secretary.

The barbecue competition that began with N’s voice of toast,
I will gradually show excitement🍗

I am accepting the secretary of a welcome party for those who joined the previous year in the previous year.
For this day, we prepared for hard work.

And it’s the start of the fun event game❗

It is a game competition by representatives of each department🎯
The excitement also peaked‼

Present present from senior employees🎁
What was inside?⁉

Finally, 4 new employees announced their future willingness🎙
It was a speech in which motivation was conveyed from everyone👍

The secretary who worked hard on preparing for this day.
I appreciate all the people who helped.

I ate a lot of delicious meat, it was a very fun time😄
I am expecting for my future success.‼

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