In-house interview (Technology & Design Section T Manager)

  • Memories when I came to Kodensha
    When I joined Kodensha, I didn’t really have any design experience …
    At that time, the number of design personnel was small, and Mr. I taught me how to design.
    Besides, I can not return until 23:00, such as a business trip to a customer while working 😱
    I didn’t want to give up because it was fun learning new things 👍
  • The number of people has increased compared to that time. What do you think about future management?
    As the number of positions and titles has increased, I feel that the flow of instructions and communication is a bit difficult.
    Also, the number of large-scale meetings has increased, and the number of consultations that are similar to meetings such as gathering a small number of people at the site has decreased.
    From now on, he wants to raise the next generation and change the current environment that older people are pulling.
  • Impressions of recent assembly sites
    Since I got a job title, I cannot go to the assembly site.
    Therefore, when looking at the situation inside the company, it seems that it is better to spend more time on adjustment ⌛
  • About the new system
    The number of moments when I felt “happy” when I joined the company has decreased (because of my success in a managerial position).
    Again, he seems to have liked the practice of designing!
  • Strong design issues such as standardization, issues for exhibitions
    I would like to actively participate in the exhibition, see new things, incorporate them and grow 💹
    Also, I would like to request from the assembly members the point of view of the site.
  • private
    I’ve always liked cars 🏎, and I have a hobby that I often play around with them.
    I thought I would be lonely because my child became an adult and left home, but I’m not so lonely because I can go out to play with my wife like a date.
    I enjoy various things from shopping to concerts in the vicinity 💛💛💛
    (This is the subjectivity of the editor)

Interviewer M (left) and Technology Division Manager T (right)

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